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Why buy this cook book? 

The new cook must know that cooking can be fun and creative. Initially, it is best to just read the recipe, gather your ingredients and utensils and get prepared.

Then you are half way there! The aim is to do the best you can, to be inquisitive. Don’t worry about making the recipe absolutely perfect - just try it out and have fun with it. All you need is time. You will make mistakes, but it will get far easier with each attempt.

This book is aimed at the new cook. The dishes are international, with recipes that are traditional for particular countries worldwide. 

The reader will get a glimpse of some of the world's most popular traditional dishes and become familiar with their international neighbour's favourite cooking. The book has hints and tips for the new cook to practice safe cooking in the kitchen, and also encourages creativity and fun with easy to follow recipes. 

This book would make a lovely gift to all new cooks! 

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